What is a kitchen witch?

A kitchen witch, simply stated, is someone who does their magic in the kitchen, with food. However, its not exactly what simple, it never is.

A kitchen witch weaves magic into every small thing they do around the house. Cooking and cleaning is no longer a chore because they know that its not just a mundane task. They know that its not just food, its a way to make a difference in lives. Its not just cleaning, its making the energy in their environment sparkle. The kitchen witch understands on an instinctual level that everything is connected and there is no one right way to do anything.

In their home you will find all kinds of interesting things that at first glance just look like ornaments and knick knacks. But if you know who they are, and you ask nicely they might tell you its magical purpose. Nothing is ever as it seems at first glance in a witch’s house.

A kitchen witch is wise in the hundred and one tiny things that take no time at all but make a huge difference to how smoothly life flows. For them, and for everyone around them.

Who Can Be a Kitchen Witch?

There was a time when being a kitchen witch was a matter of heredity. The wisdom and knowledge was passed down from mother to daughter through the family line. Sometimes, if a woman had no children she would mentor a girl who lived nearby, passing her knowledge on to a new family for preservation.

Nowadays things are very different. Many, if not most, kitchen witches are self-taught. The internet and the positive slew of books on the subject make finding a virtual teacher easier than it ever has been before. Kitchen witches are of all ages, from the very young to the very old. Many of us come to it a little later in life, but that doesn’t stop us from being able to learn and more importantly, intuit just as much.

Many witches are some flavor of pagan, because the pagan religions are the ones that tend to embrace magic more readily. Many kitchen witches don’t practice any religion at all; instead they simply walk in tune with nature and her seasons and moods.

Kitchen witchery can be embraced by anyone, male or female, that wants to turn their home into a sanctuary.

So, lets talk about it! If you have questions drop me an email or leave a comment. I don’t claim to have all the answers but I can tell you how I do things.


Eight of Coins

PT Coins 08Seems approprite that the first card of the year be this one.

Keywords: Creation, Artist, Wealth, Skill, Knowledge, Apprentice, Patience, Discipline, Training.

To me, this card speaks of the start of new ventures. Of skills learned through practice, diligence and hard work. Things created for the joy of creation. Things done and created to help other people. Constantly improving yourself and your skills, learning for the sheer joy of knowing something new that you can apply to your life.

Pouring out ones soul, ones strength as you labor to bring forth something that has been only within yourself. Birthing something new and knowing that while not everyone may like it, it is something you do for you.

Everything effects everything else. Like the coins are linked together on the pole, everyone and everyones actions are linked to everyone else in the world. A reminder that whatever we do spills over into other people’s lives. It is good for what we do to have a positive effect on other peoples lives. That is the ideal we should strive for.

This is simply what I got from a short meditation on this card. I come to this with almost zero knowledge of the tarot and make no claim to being right or wrong. I welcome other ideas and input. Leave a comment and lets chat!


Happy New Year

It’s the beginning of a whole new year and with the new year comes new focii and new hopes and dreams. For those of you that followed this blog when I was focused on addictions and recovery, I will understand entirely if this new focus is not to your taste and you choose to unfollow.

After much soul searching I walked away from this blog over a year ago now. I found that for me personally, writing and researching addictions only drove me to focus more and more on my own eating addiction. Far from helping my recovery it actually made it worse. So, i took a step back and spent the last year or so alternating with knitting, reading and my own self healing and development. I believe it was a year well spent. And lets be honest, when it comes to ourselves and where we are at, the only opinion that truly matters is our own.

So, where has that landed me? With a burning desire to learn more about the Tarot. My Oracle cards have been my faithful companion for a while now. But Tarot, not so much. Honestly I had kind of avoided them and decided they just ‘weren’t right’ for me. And at the time I said that, it was accurate. But, we learn and grow and things come around again, and this time, it is the right time for them.

By calling I am a Kitchen Witch, that means that most of my magic is done with very ordinary items. I don’t own a huge library of books, or chests and chests of tools and robes. Thats just not me.  I am all about a home that is happy and energetically clean, even if its kinda messy when you happen to pop by.  I’m about practical magic and a good cup of tea, or coffee, depending on the time of day.

This blog is going to have recipes and random musings, Hopefully a few moon spreads and such and lots and lots of meditations and thoughts on tarot cards. Input is welcome of course, I just ask that if/when we disagree with each other, it is done with love, not anger.

So, welcome to my journey.