Kitchen Witch

What is a kitchen witch?

A kitchen witch, simply stated, is someone who does their magic in the kitchen, with food. However, its not exactly what simple, it never is. A kitchen witch weaves magic into every small thing they do around the house. Cooking and cleaning is no longer a chore because they know that its not just a… Continue reading What is a kitchen witch?


Eight of Coins

Seems approprite that the first card of the year be this one. Keywords: Creation, Artist, Wealth, Skill, Knowledge, Apprentice, Patience, Discipline, Training. To me, this card speaks of the start of new ventures. Of skills learned through practice, diligence and hard work. Things created for the joy of creation. Things done and created to help… Continue reading Eight of Coins


Happy New Year

It's the beginning of a whole new year and with the new year comes new focii and new hopes and dreams. For those of you that followed this blog when I was focused on addictions and recovery, I will understand entirely if this new focus is not to your taste and you choose to unfollow.… Continue reading Happy New Year